Spearfish Creek Black Hills Fly Fishing

Black Hills Fishing Report September 25th 2013

Fishing Report 9/25/13

Rapid Creek - Rapid in town continues to fish really well, with fish being caught on dries and nymphs consistently, and streamer season just around the corner! Lots of fish in shallow water eating Psychos, UV's, Tung Teasers, Trappers, SH Tungsten PT's, Worms, and a variety of other small nymphs. Below Pactola has seen some of the best dry fly fishing of the year this last week, with 18-22 Morgan's Midges, BWO Viz A Duns, PMD Viz A Duns, Sparkle Duns and Comparaduns producing lots of really good fish. Streamers are starting to be a really good bet for some of the bigger browns that are starting to think about spawning in the catch and release area as well. Upper Rapid near Rochford and Mystic has been fishing exceptionally well also, with a lot of willing 8-14" fish that will jump all over dries. Spearfish Creek - Not much has changed in the way of Spearfish Creek fishing. Great nymphing! Many fish are being caught using Tenkara techniques still, with most of them being in the faster water and pockets, where Tenkara really shines. Good flies are UV Czechs, North Forks, Tung Teasers, San Juans, G-String Worms, and Tungsten Trappers. Stellar dry fly fishing was found this week by our guides, with nearly any BWO pattern producing lots of fish in the canyon. Terrestrials are also working in the canyon, with smaller Grands and other assorted hoppers producing well, as well as beetles, ants, and crickets. In town is also fishing excellent, with a lot of the same patterns. The main thing to keep in mind in Spearfish is to not be afraid to change your depth and weight, if you aren't getting down to the fish, they can't eat your flies. Some of the outer stretches of Spearfish have also been fishing great, if you can get permission to fish them. Crow Creek - Great opportunity for really big fish on streamers and terrestrials, but it isn't easy fishing by any stretch. Box Elder Creek - The upper stretches of Box Elder have been fishing spectacularly for lots of wild 6-12" brookies, with a few rainbows and browns thrown in for good measure. Lakes - Sylvan Lake has been having a good Callibaetis hatch in the evenings, and the fish have been on them. Mini Leeches are also producing well. Canyon Lake has still been producing some beasts, get out and fish it before they drain it! Lots of big fish being taken on medium-sized streamers on intermediate sink lines. Bust out the kick boat and get out and wail on some of the biggest lake fish being caught in the hills right now!
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