Spearfish Canyon Rainbow Trout fishing

Black Hills Fishing Report March 19th 2013

Early season fly fishing Spearfish Creek in Spearfish Canyon Early season fly fishing Spearfish Creek in Spearfish Canyon.

Black Hills Fishing Report 3/19/2013

Fishing has improved over the last week. Hatches are more frequent. Good numbers of midges hatching- especially on Rapid Creek in Rapid City. Blue Wing Olives are hatching more frequently. Little black stoneflies are hatching on Spearfish Creek in Spearfish Canyon. Nymphing and streamer fishing also remain quite good. Fishing on Rapid Creek is best at lower elevations, especially in and around Rapid City. Spearfish Creek is good in the canyon down through the town of Spearfish. Fishing should open up on Castle Creek soon. For now the best fishing is on Rapid Creek and Spearfish Creek. Sand Creek in Wyoming has also been fishing quite well. Hot dry flies include Morgan's midges, CDC adult midges, Griffith' Gnats, and Blue Winged Olive Sparkle Duns. Nymphing is great with Barr's Tung Teasers and Two Bit Hookers. For streamers try small vanilla buggers, Krafts Kreelex, and Crystal woolly buggers.
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