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Black Hills Fishing Report March 11th 2015

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Black Hills Fishing Report March 11th 2015

Holy smokes! Can you believe this weather? Hopefully we get a bit more moisture in the near future, but for the time being, take advantage of the great weather and get out and do some fishing. Water temps still seem a bit cold. With the warm weather fish should get more active as the week goes on. A few fish are coming to the surface chasing midges and blue winged olives. Surface activity is concentrated at mid-day. Nymph fishing is more productive. Streamers have been working well.

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Rapid Creek has been fishing fairly well below Pactola and through town. Your options are- try and move some fish with streamers or dig into your midge box and fish midge patterns down deep. Midge larva patterns have been the best producers. Pheasant tail nymphs with tungsten beads, Scud patterns, and San Juan worms have been decent lead flies. However, most fish seem stuck on the midge. Be persistent and watch for very subtle takes.

Besides Rapid Creek, Spearfish Creek has also been fishing well in town. From what we hear there is still deep snow in the canyon, making access to the stream difficult. Crow Creek and Sand Creek are very clear and offer good dry fly fishing during the day. Castle Creek below Deerfield should turn on this week as water warms. Spring Creek below Sheridan Lake in the trailhead area will fish well in the larger pool. This is also mostly nymph fishing.

Take advantage of this awesome weather and get out and enjoy the sunshine. I'm really expecting dry fly fishing to take off later this week. Tie up your favorite adult midge patterns and blue winged olive patterns. I really like f-flies and CDC mayfly duns.

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