Black Hills Fishing Report June 21st 2017

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Black Hills Fishing Report for June 21 2017

Fishing continues to be good throughout most of the Black Hills on the trout streams. Drier than normal conditions have affected some areas but the larger watersheds continue to fish well- focus on Rapid, Castle, and Spearfish Creeks. Cooler temperatures are in the forecast for the weekend which should make for some excellent fishing. Fish have been looking up as more caddis, stoneflies, mayflies are hatching. Terrestrials are also working well. Pretty much all streams are fishing well with dry dropper rigs.

Rapid Creek is fishing well throughout the watershed. Above Pactola Reservoir anywhere from Black Fox Campground down through Silver City it is hard to beat dry dropper rigs. Use Hippie Stompers or a Small Hopper with a Skinny Jig Dropper. Barr's tung teasers are also working well. Below Pactola Reservoir nymphing has been the most productive. This time of year fish key on scuds, PMD nymphs, and midges. Through town Trico mayfly hatches have been increasing in size. Fish the morning hatch from 6:30 to 9 AM. In the evening good numbers of Caddis are hatching. Small Pale Evening Duns are hatching on most of Rapid Creek below the dam and into town. All of the hatches are making for excellent dry fly opportunities.

Spearfish creek in Spearfish Canyon has been fishing quite well. Throughout the Canyon expect nymph fishing with the occasional Caddis hatch or Pale Evening Dun hatch. Most of the fish are caught in the faster pocket water with heavy nymph patterns. Fish the edges of the stream with beetle, ant, and attractor dries. Fishing also continues to be solid through the city of Spearfish.

Castle creek below Deerfield has been a highlight. Really good numbers of fish in the stretch below the dam. Dry fly fishing with stoneflies, caddis flies, and terrestrials. For added success use a dropper. This an awesome fishery with good numbers of brookies- including some of the largest brookies we find in the Black Hills. Above Deerfield, in the upper Castle Creek walk-in fish for brookies and a few wild rainbows on water that few anglers visit. This is small water to be sure, but it fun to fish with a 2 or 3 weight and dry flies.

Box elder creek has been fishing well in the upper reaches near the Box Elder for campground. Use hippie stompers and droppers. They're not too picky here on the dropper, but when I fished it this week the majority of the fish slammed the Hippie Stomper. Great small stream fishing for brookies and Browns.

Some opportunities exist on French Creek especially near Blue Bell lodge and the Horse Camp. Broken Record alert! Again use attractor dries with droppers. Hard to go wrong with a hippie Stomper and a bead head Copper John. The ponds in the Grace Coolidge area have been fishing well- with warmer daytime temps stick to morning and evening here. Use a parachute Adams or a red copper John under an indicator. Fishing also continues to be productive on Center Lake. On the warmer days fish early and late. Leech patterns have been the top producer on center lake. Fish on a slow retrieve or suspended under an indicator.

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