Black Hills Fishing Report - June 15th 2020

Black Hills Fishing Report - June 15th 2020

Fishing has been solid throughout the area over the past week, but with the warmer weather a little rain that's forecasted for the end of the week will be beneficial. That being said, most all of the local streams have good flows and are fishing very well!

Rapid Creek above Pactola is high and dirty, but will start fishing well with the lower flows. Big flies like Pat's Rubber Legs, Squirmy Worms, Mop Flies, larger jigs, and various streamer patterns will all work well. Once the visibility hits 2' or so the fishing will really pick up.

Rapid Creek below Pactola is high but fishable, and has been fishing well from Johnson Siding all the way up to the dam. There are lots of average sized fish in the 10-14" range this year, which is a nice change. There are still plenty of bigger fish around, but the average fish will keep you busy. Nymph fishing will pick up the large majority of your fish most days. Use a big, heavy fly for your lead fly to help get down - Killer Bugs, Scud Muffins, Pat's, and various size 12 jig patterns are all good bets. For a trailer fly, I've been having better luck on a standard Pheasant Tail or Flashback PT in size 18-20 than about anything else. Some of the really big holes are still high enough that they're tough to fish, but there are a ton of fish that are in the riffles and runs between big holes.

Rapid Creek in town has been fishing fantastic, and has been some of the best fishing around. With the higher water there hasn't been many people fishing the creek in town, so the fish have ben relatively unpressured for quite some time now. There are a few fish on top in the evenings eating caddis, as well as a few fish eating Yellow Sallies during the day. If you see fish rising, an Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams, or Bloom's Parachute Caddis are good bets in size 14-16. The nymph fishing has been excellent as well, with lots of different patterns working well. Pat's Rubber Legs, French Dips, Gumdroppers, Scud Muffins, Worms, Mop Flies, and Jig Assassins are good bets. Use something heavy enough to get down to the fish and you'll do well. There are lots of nice fish in the 14-16" range this year in town!

Spring Creek is fishing well by the road and on the trailhead, but is a little low and has been seeing the most pressure of our area streams. That being said, there's still plenty of fish to be had. There's a good BWO hatch in the morning, and the fish are definitely up on them. Various parachute and upright patterns will work - a small Klinkhamer is a good bet most days. Nymph fishing has been good, but with the lower water you have to downsize your flies a bit. Smaller midge patterns have been the most successful for us - brown, tan, black, or red in size 18-20 trailed behind a jig fly in size 14 will work well. Spring Creek could use a bit of rain, so hopefully the forecast for the end of the week holds up!

Spearfish Creek has been fishing great, both in the canyon and in town. The water is a little on the low side, so the fish are pushed into pretty obvious runs and holes, as well as the deeper slots in the riffles. There are plenty of fish to be had and the fishing has been great! Nymph fishing will pick up the most fish, but don't be afraid to fish a terrestrial-dropper rig if you're in the right kind of water. Hippie Stompers and small Chubby Chernobyls are really good bets for the dry, plus they're easy to see in broken water. For nymphs, try Assassins, Optic Nerves, Perdigons, Tung Teasers, Frech Dips, and Jig Baetis are good bets in size 14-16. The fish are pretty grabby right now, so don't hesitate to set on the slightest movement - you'll be surprised how often it's a fish if you commit to setting on everything.

Castle Creek above and below Deerfield is fishing very well, and is a great place to go catch a few fish on terrestrials! Above the lake is really small water, but has lots of eager brook trout that will eat nearly any properly presented dry fly. Hippie Stompers, User Friendlies, Klinkhamers, Micro Chubbies, and various other terrestrial patterns are good bets. Below the lake, drop any of the tungsten nymphs that work on Spearfish a couple feet below and you'll do great. Focus on the places where the creek bends for the best success and least spooky fish.

Box Elder Creek is fishing very similar to Castle Creek - lots of eager smaller fish that are willing to eat a bunch of different stuff. From Steamboat Rock to Novak is fishing very well - get your 2 or 3 weight out and have some fun!

Crow Creek and Sand Creek are great options for terrestrial fishing as well - these are arguably the two best terrestrial fisheries we have in the summertime, but also the snakiest. Morrish Hoppers, Micro Chubbies, Hippie Stompers, and Parachute Ants are solid bets. Fish a longer leader and cast a little further than you normally would and you'll be rewarded with more fish!

Fishing has been great throughout the area, and should continue to be solid as long as we keep getting moisture periodically. We've opened back up at the shop, and are limiting the number of customers in the store and asking customers to please wear masks while in the shop. Give us a call at the shop or swing by for the latest flies or fishing report!

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