Black Hills Fishing Report July 20 2017

Black Hills Fishing Report July 20th 2017

Black Hills Fishing Report July 20 2017 Black Hills Fishing Report - July 20th 2017 Despite warm weather fishing continues to be good to excellent on Black Hills trout streams. We have continued to find the best luck on Rapid Creek, Castle Creek, and Spearfish Creeks. Fish have been continuing to look up for attractor dries, terrestrials, caddis, little yellow stoneflies, tricos, and PMDs. If you are out early or late you should find a good dry fly bite. Otherwise, we have been nymphing most of the day. However, we have been using an attractor dry as an indicator in most situations. Even during mid day you will find an opportunistic fish willing to eat your indicator dry. Rapid Creek is fishing well above the lake- expect fewer fishermen the higher up you go in the drainage. Below the dam has been busy some days, but is still a good option for those looking for a bigger fish. PMDs are hatching late morning through the evening below Pactola Reservoir. Farther down near town you can find Tricos hatching in the morning and caddis in the evening. Nymphing is good all through the drainage, but we haven't been using bigger indicators and weight unless fishing the deepest pools. For the most part we have used attractor dries with a jig nymph dropper. Castle Creek is a good option for those looking to get up and away from most other people. Fish above or below Deerfield Reservoir. There are PMDs, Caddis, and Little Yellow Stoneflies hatching during the day. Fish dry dropper rigs with either a caddis or stimulator lead and a small tungsten dropper. Spearfish has been a solid bet both in the Canyon and through the city of Spearfish. Some yellow stoneflies hatching. Also late day psuedos and pale evening dun mayfly hatches. Best bet is a big attractor dry dropper rig or a nymph rig. Lower down through town hoppers are starting to work better and better by the day. Black Hills Fishing Report July 20 2017 Custer State Park- Fish French Creek early and late. Best spots are above Blue Bell Lodge or by the Horse Camp. Otherwise walk into the Grace Coolidge Walk-In area. Best fishing is on the pools and ponds within the walk-in area. Fish are on top on tricos early and there will be some caddis late. If you have a float tube get out on Sylvan or Center lakes early in the morning or late in the evening. Fish leech patterns on an intermediate sinking line. Black Hills Fishing Report July 20 2017
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