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Black Hills Fishing Report July 19th 2020

Quick Fishing Report - Rapid Creek, Castle Creek, and Spearfish Creek are all fishing well. Had some hot weather the past couple days, now gradually cooling through the middle of next week. That will help fishing even more. Hopefully will get a bit of rain from storms Sunday night to freshen things up a bit. Hatches of PMDs, PEDs, Little Yellow Sallies, and caddis are present on most streams. Enough to generate some dry fly activity. Tricos are starting on Rapid Creek in town. Terrestrial activity is picking up so ants, beetles, and hoppers will work on most streams.

Hot flies:
Dry Flies- PMD parachute, Blooms Parachute Ant, Micro Chubbies, Blooms Parachute Caddis, and Bionic Ants.

Nymphs- Slim Jims, Jig Yellow Spots, Bloom's Optic Nerve Hare's Ear, and Wayno's Baetis Nymph.

Another thing to keep in mind, if it is a hot day (temps in the 90s) pay attention to water temps. Lower elevation sections of streams warm up quickly at those temps. If the water feels warm move upstream to colder water. Areas with water temps higher that 68 should be left for a cooler day. Catching fish in those water temps could stress the fish enough to kill them.

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