Black Hills Fishing Report - February 7, 2014

With the highs this weekend forecasted to be well into the 60s, its a great chance for you to get out on the water! Take aim on making the most of the weather and enjoying some of the great fishing we've been experiencing. Rapid Creek has been fishing well below Pactola - mostly normal wintertime tactics have been producing. Small flies seem to be the ticket down there lately, with a larger jig or Czech nymph as a lead fly. Drop a size 18-22 olive or black midge below for best results. There are also some midges coming off in good numbers, so it's only a matter of time before the fish key in on the adults and we see some better dry fly fishing as well. Don't be afraid of 6x tippet and be willing to keep changing your rig and you'll do well! Rapid Creek in town is still fairly off color from the Canyon Lake Dam project, but is still fishing. I've personally had my best success on streamers in town, but others have been doing well with larger size 10-16 heavy bright nymphs. Patterns like UV Czechs, Amexes, G-String Worms, and some of our new custom tied jig flies have been doing the trick - come by and check them out! As far as streamers go, I've been using smallish articulated flies in brown, gold, and olive. Slumpbusters, Kreelexes, and Sculpzillas will do the trick. There's not much of a need for a sink tip in town - I've just been using a 9' 2x leader and letting the flies sink a bit before you start working them. Hans Rainbow Spearfish Creek is another good option right now, especially in town. One of the biggest keys to success here is to not let the fast water intimidate you - the fish in Spearfish Creek will hold in water that is way too fast to stand in. If you focus on the edges of the fast water, as well as the pools and more obvious holding water you'll do significantly better. I really like using tungsten jig flies in Spearfish Creek in order to get down and avoid getting snagged as much as possible, and the fish don't seem to have any hesitation to eat them either! If the fish get picky, just drop a small 18-22 midge or baetis pattern a foot off of the jig, and you'll pick up some bonus fish. Another common occurrence this time of year, especially on the warm days, is snowmelt that turns the creek somewhat of a glacial blue color. This looks discouraging, but the fishing can still be exceptionally good if you use a larger nymph such as a San Juan Worm, G String Worm, a large UV Czech, or a leech pattern. Hans Brown Many of our other local streams have been fishing great as well! Crow, Sand, Spring, and Castle Creeks have all been producing some nice fish. Standard nymph fare will produce well, and there's the possibility of a great midge or BWO hatch this time of year on these creeks, so don't overlook having a few dries in your arsenal as well. Overall, fishing has been pretty darn good, with very few people out on the water! Get out and enjoy some of the great fishing and weather we're going to have over the next week. As always, if you have any questions or just want some suggestions on where to go, feel free to stop by the shop or give us a call! Ryan