Black Hills Fishing Report April 26th 2024

Black Hills Fishing Report April 26th 2024

Once again not much change week to week. Flows in the northern hills were a fair amount higher last week due to runoff. Spearfish Creek and Whitewood Creek have come down considerably since last week. Water should be less stained and clearer. Rain is in the forecast for the weekend. That shouldn't interrupt fishing too much, unless there are heavy showers from thunderstorms. The cooler cloudy weather should improve fishing if anything, due to the fact that BWO mayflies hatch more vigorously in cloudy weather. 

BWOs are one of the best hatches of the year, so don't miss the opportunity to fish this hatch. In the higher elevations there are a few little black stoneflies hanging around. Best to carry a mix of both. Baetis hatches will be better with cloud cover. 

All streams are in decent shape and fishing relatively well right now. 

Lake fishing continues to be good. Pactola, Sheridan, Deerfield, and Center Lakes are fishing very well.  Balance Leeches under an indicator is a great technique for any lake in the Hills. Fishing an intermediate sinking line with a slow retrieve can produce great results, however this is best done from a boat or float tube.

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Hot Dry Flies- Midges Adults 20-22, BWO sparkle dun, BWO Parachute. 

Nymphs- Zebra Midges, Green Weenies, Walt's worm, smaller frenchies

Black Hills Streamflow Data is available here