rapid creek brown trout black hills

Black Hills Fishing Report 9/1/12

Black Hills Fishing Report 9/1/12

rapid creek brown trout black hills

Hot Patterns:


Parachute Hopper, Rainy's Grand Hopper, Big Secret Cricket, Foam Beetle, CDC PMD Thorax Dun, Elk Hair Caddis, Organza Trico Spinner, Adams, Upright Callibaetis Spinner, PMD Sparkle Dun, Barr's Vis-a-dun PMD


Hot Bead Crystal Buggers, White Sculpzilla, Natural Sculpzilla, Mini Leeches


Barr's Tung Teaser, Craven's Two Bit Hooker, Tungsten PMD Split Case Nymph, Tungsten BWO Split Case Nymph, Tungsten Psycho Nymph, Bubble Back Midge, Red Copper John's, Tung Ready Baetis Nymph, Cheesman Canyon Emerger, North Fork Specials

Fishing Overview:

Warm weather for today, but cooling into the middle of the week. Fishing should pick up as the highs drop into the 80's tomorrow (Sunday).

Fishing conditions similar to the last report. Warm weather continues. Fishing is best early and late. Dry/Dropper rigs are working well throughout the hills. Hoppers were more reliable the past couple of days. One of my better rigs has been a parachute hopper with a dropper of a UV Czech Nymph or a Barr's Tung Teaser.

Tricos, Pale Morning Duns, and Pale Evening Duns are hatching on Rapid Creek. PMDs and PEDs are also hatching on Spearfish Creek.

Best fishing continues to be on Rapid, Spearfish, and Castle Creeks. The best times of day are from 7:00am to 12:00pm and 4:00pm on.

Rapid Creek (Central Black Hills):

Not much change in the fishing conditions. Good fishing below the dam through town. Fishing is decent above Pactola Reservoir at Silver City. Tan Caddis and Tricos are hatching in town. Pale Morning Duns are hatching below Pactola Reservoir. Fish are looking up for terrestrials and PMDs/PEDs/Sulphurs. Nymphing is steady, fish baetis and PMD nymph patterns. Get out between 6:00 and 9:00 am for the trico action. Fishing is best early and late on Rapid Creek in town.

Hoppers, ants, and beetles are working well.

Castle Creek (Central Black Hills):

Same as last time around: Hopper fishing is solid on the stretch below Deerfield Dam. Good dry-dropper water. Fish a small rainy's grand hopper or solitude pany dropper hopper with a dropper of a small copper john. The zebra copper john is a killer bug on castle.

Spearfish Creek (Northern Black Hills):

Much the same as last report: Hatches of Small BWOs and PEDs. Better fishing in the pocket water- fish a dry dropper rig with a parachute hopper or stimulator with a small soft hackle pheasant tail dropper. Good nymphing in the canyon and in town. Ant and beetle pattens are working well. Little Spearfish Creek is fishing well with attractor dries. Small Woolly Buggers have been effective on Spearfish.

Spring Creek (Central Black Hills):

Water is low on Spring Creek. Might be a good idea to give this one a rest.

Box Elder Creek (Northern Black Hills):

Water is low on Box Elder Creek. Might be a good idea to give this one a rest too.

Sand Creek (Northern Black Hills):

PMDs hatching still a few caddis and yellow stones. Good fishing. Terrestrial bite is good too.

Custer State Park (Southern Black Hills):

Fish early on the Grace Coolidge Walk-in area. Better fishing on the lower ponds.

Deerfield Lake (Central Black Hills):

No recent reports.

Sheridan Lake:

Good fishing for largemouth bass early and late. Fish the weed edges and rocky points. Reports of good northern pike fishing at the mouth of the lake. Fish in the late afternoon/evening with large streamers and divers.

Pactola Lake:

Bluegill fishing should be good, but the fish have moved into deeper water. Focus on drop-offs and weed edges.

That's a wrap. Be sure to call us with any questions regarding guiding or fishing!

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