Black Hills Fishing Report

Black Hills Fishing Report 5/13/13

Black Hills Fishing Report 5/13/13

Black Hills trout fishing Fishing will pick up as the weather warms this week. Expect dry fly fishing to improve this week. There are Little Black Stoneflies, Blue Winged Olives, and a few Caddis hatching.

Rapid Creek

In Town - Fishing is good, and will get better as the flows increase. Good nymphs include Tungsten San Juans, Tungsten Psychos, T Ready Baetis, Tungsten Bruised Purple & PMD, small pheasant tails, Killer Mayfly nymphs, and UV Czechs and Amexes. Terrestrials are also working well - Beetles, Loco Beetles, Big Secret Crickets, and small Grand Hoppers are working. For dries, Barr's Viz-A-Dun BWO, BWO Thorax Dun, Sparkle Duns, No-Hackles, and Brook's Sprout Emerger are producing good numbers of fish. For Streamers, small Sculpzillas and Mini Leeches are working well. Below Pactola - The low flows are making the fish picky, but they can still be caught. Small Bubble Backs, Black Beauties, Bloodworms, Tungsten San Juans, Tungsten Bruised Purples, UV Czechs, Amexes, and Two Bit Hookers are good bets for subsurface action. The fish will eat dries, but small and olive or black is the ticket. size 20-22 Sparkle Duns, Comparaduns, Parachute BWOs, and Morgan's Midges are tricking the rising fish into eating. Streamers can wake some of the bigger fish up, with Dungeons, Circus Peanuts, and Home Invaders producing the biggest fish. Silver City - A bit off color from snow melt. Good fishing in the larger pools and deeper runs. A few BWO's are hatching, but little to no dry fly fishing opportunities. Best fishing is deep with nymphs. Rainbow Czech Nymphs and Barr's Tung Teasers are working well.

Spearfish Creek

Spearfish Creek is fishing great, with good numbers of fish being caught. Small Nymphs are the ticket, with UV Czechs, Amexes, Tung Teasers, Psychos, and San Juans being good lead flies, trailed by an 18-22 Black Beauty, Bubble Back, Two Bit Hooker, Killer Mayfly, RS2, WD-40, T. Ready Baetis, or UV Midges. For dries, small 18-20 F-Flies, Parachute BWO's, Parchute Adams, Brook's Sprout, Sparkle Duns, and Comparaduns are tricking some of the rising fish.

Castle Creek

Decent fishing above Deerfield. The water is a bit off color above the lake, but should clear with the warming weather this week. Flows and fishing below Deerfield Lake are excellent. The fish are a bit spooky below the dam but catchable if you are stealthy and keep a low profile. Little Black Stoneflies and Blue Winged Olives are hatching. Fish a dry dropper rig to cover it all. Had good luck with a CDC stonefly adult and a small Barr's TungTeaser dropper.

Black Hills Lakes

Center, Sylvan, Roubaix, Pactola and Sheridan are fishing well for trout, with small Sculpzillas, Mini Leeches, and Wooly Buggers are working well. The rising fish will eat size 14-18 Parachute Adams, Callibaetis, and Sparkle Duns trick the rising fish well.
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