Black Hills Fishing Report - 3/1/2022

Fishing on Rapid Creek and Spearfish Creek has been good since we've warmed up from the arctic blast last week, and we've been seeing better dry fly fishing in town with the longer days.

Rapid Creek below Pactola is fishing okay but is pretty low and the fish are piled into the deeper holes and runs. Nymph fishing will be the most productive method, mostly with small midges and BWO patterns. Flying Zebras, Two Bit Hookers, T Baetis, Flashback Pheasant Tails, and Zebra Midges in Olive, Purple, and Black are good bets in size 18-22. Fish them under a scud pattern in pink or orange. Most of the fish are going to be piled up in the deeper holes, so if you know you're fishing over fish, don't hesitate to continue to change your depth, weight, or flies until you start getting some action. 6X is a must for your dropper fly, and 7X will get you more strikes but the fish will be harder to land.

Rapid Creek in town has been fishing fantastic, and there is a good midge hatch most days from around 11-2. Good patterns for the rising fish include Morgan's Midges, Griffith's Gnats, Sipper Midges, and Eric's Midges. The bugs are small, so a size 18-22 will be your best bet. We should start seeing BWOs soon in town as well. Nymph fishing has been excellent if the fish aren't rising. With the lower flows we've been mostly fishing with dry-dropper rigs - good dries include User Friendlies, Klinkhamers, Purple Hazes, and Midge Clusters in size 12-16. Nymphs that have been working include Perdigons in rust, olive, and purple, Jig Nightmares, TNTs, Quilldigons, and various zebra midge style patterns in 16-20. The fishing in town has been great and should continue to be solid throughout the coming weeks.

Spearfish Creek is fishing well in Spearfish Canyon. You might find a fish or two rising to Blue Winged Olives - if you see rising fish, try a CDC Thorax Dun, Student, or F Fly in size 16-18. If the fish are rising they will often move into the back of runs where it's quite a bit shallower, so longer leaders and light tippet can help fool a few more fish. Nymphing has been great, and should get even better with the longer days. Pretty similar flies to Rapid Creek have been working well - Perdigons, Quilldigons, Optic Nerves, Jig TNTs, Assassins, and midge patterns will all work well. The rainbows will be starting to spawn soon, so be mindful of spawning fish and try and not wade around redds.

Sand Creek and Crow Creek are good as well right now, with Sand Creek having better dry fly fishing most days. The BWO hatch has been excellent, and the same flies as Spearfish Creek will work well. The fish on Sand Creek can move into incredibly shallow water during the hatch, so long light leaders and a stealthy presentation will pay off. Nymph fishing with the same flies as Spearfish Creek will be good on both Sand and Crow Creek.

Fishing has been solid - swing by the shop or give us a call for the latest report or hot flies.