Black Hills Fishing Report - 10/16/2020

Black Hills Fishing Report - 10/16/2020

We're set to get some winter weather this weekend, but the forecast starting early next week looks to be conducive to getting out and doing some fishing. The fishing has been solid on Rapid, Spearfish, and Castle Creeks, as well as local lakes!

Rapid Creek above Pactola has been good, and is better the further upstream you get. There's some larger fish around closer to the lake, but there's going to be considerably more fish the further upstream you go. Nymph fishing will pick up the most fish right now - Jig Hare's Ears, Pheasant Tails, Frenchies, He Men, Pergidons, and worm patterns will all pick up some fish. If you aren't doing great, try a midge dropper.

Pactola Reservoir and Sheridan Lake have both been fishing well for bigger rainbows. You can do well stripping smaller streamers like leeches and buggers, as well as fishing nymphs under an indicator. Balanced Leeches, Thin Mints, Grinches, and big Chironomids/Midges will work great under an indicator. We've been doing best fishing around 4-6', but adjust accordingly.

Rapid Creek below Pactola is fishing well, particularly mid-day. The catch and release stretch is fishing okay, but further downstream near Placerville/Johnson Siding and just above town is fishing a bit better for more average sized fish. Nymph fishing is going to be your best bet. Perdigons, French Dips, Jig Pheasant Tails, Jig Prince Nymphs, Assassins, and various midge patterns will all work well. The bulk of the fish are going to be moving their way to the bigger holes for the winter, so deeper/slower water is going to become increasingly important over the next couple weeks. Be mindful of spawning fish as well!

Rapid Creek in town is fishing great. As with most other places, nymph fishing is going to be your best bet. You can catch a few fish on smaller streamers as well, but you'll definitely catch more on nymphs. Similar flies to elsewhere are working well - Skinny Jigs, Assassins, Prince Nymphs, French Dips, Scud Muffins, Perdigons, and smaller midges will work great. There's been some really nice fish around in town this season.

Spearfish Creek has been fishing very well, particularly on calmer days when less leaves get blown into the water. As far as flies go, the same flies as Rapid Creek will be working well. Small Olive or Purple Perdigons have been particularly productive, but you can catch fish on a wide variety of other patterns as well. You can do well fishing with smaller streamers as well - Grinches, Thin Mints, Kreelexes, and Sculpzillas are good bets. There are still lots of fish in the faster water, but as the water cools off they will start moving into the deeper and slower spots. As with Rapid Creek, be mindful of spawning browns in the shallower spots right now.

Castle Creek below Deerfield has been fishing well, and is one of the better places to try and get some dry fly fishing in. There's some Blue Winged Olives hatching most days in the early to mid afternoon - CDC Thorax Duns, Students, Parachute BWOs, F Flies, and Hackle Stackers are good bets in 18-20 if you see fish on the surface. Nymph fishing has been good, particularly with smaller flies. Quilldigons, Frenchies, Optic Nerves, Jig Hare's Ears, Tungsten Midges, and Jig Pheasant Tails are working well in size 16-18. Most of the fish are going to be in the deeper bends and corners.

Crow Creek and Sand Creek are fishing solid as well, and the same flies as Spearfish Creek will work great. The weeds are down and it's much easier to fish now than in the middle of the summer. You might see a few fish up on Blue Winged Olives as well mid day.

Pike fishing has been improving significantly over the past week. Heavy sinking likes and medium sized flies have been the best - we've been doing best on white/gray, but don't be afraid to mix it up a bit. Pactola, Sheridan, Stockade, and Keyhole have all been good bets. Most of the fish are going to be in the 6-12' range, so a type 3 or type 5 line will be the most effective.

Overall fishing has been good, and should continue to be solid just about everywhere. Give us a call or swing by the shop for the latest conditions or any gear you need before you head out!

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