Black Hills Fishing Report - 1/7/2021

Black Hills Fishing Report - 1/7/2021

First fishing report of the new year! We are still in an unseasonably warm weather pattern, so there have been plenty of opportunities to get out fishing, and the fishing has been solid.

Rapid Creek has been fishing great, particularly in town. There has been some fantastic dry fly fishing some days, but most days it's a nymph fishing game. Perdigons and midges in olive, purple, and pink have been hard to beat, but you can do well with a variety of other thin bodied nymphs in 16-20. Most of the fish are moved into the deeper holes and runs, but you'll typically do better in something that's a little faster rather than the really deep, slow holes. If you run into a good midge hatch, try an Eric's Midge, Griffith's Gnat, or Morgan's Midge in size 18-20. When the fish are rising they'll often move into pretty skinny water, and the riseforms can be pretty subtle. Stop for a while and take a good look before walking away and assuming there's not any fish rising.

Spearfish Creek is fishing solid, mostly during the warmest part of the day - 10-2 has been the best, but as the days get longer that window will stretch out a bit in either direction. It's pretty much exclusively a nymph fishing game right now. At the risk of sounding monotonous, Perdigons and midges in olive, purple, pink, and black will work great in size 16-20. If you're in the right kind of water, your indicator will be moving around walking speed and the water will be around thigh deep. The fish in the really slow water can be a little tougher to catch, but if you're persistent and willing to fish really small flies you can do well there also. Yarn or wool indicators are a better bet this time of year rather than a plastic or foam bobber - the yarn is more sensitive to light strikes, and it's easy to see in the low light of winter.

Castle Creek will have some limited opportunities in the Kinney Canyon walk in area below Deerfield lake. You can fish the same flies as Spearfish Creek and do well. The closer to the dam you get the less ice there will be on the edges of the creek.

Crow Creek and Sand Creek are fishing well, and you can run into some decent dry fly fishing some days if there's a good midge hatch. Eric's Midges, Morgan's Midges, Griffith's Gnats, and small parachute patterns in size 18-20 will work well. Nymph fishing will be solid on both streams throughout the coming weeks as well. Hunchback Scuds, Boat Anchor Scuds, and Mop Flies are good bets for your lead fly. Perdigons and midges are good droppers, as well as standards like Bead Head Pheasant Tails and Hare's Ears. The water is warmer on these two spring creeks than any of the other streams in the hills, so the fish will be more active typically.

Fishing has been solid, particularly with the nice weather we've been having. Give us a call or stop by for the latest updates and gear!

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